Apex Overcomes New Technologies Used in Samsung Chips

Apex has released replacement chips for cartridges in Samsung’s printers, including the full series of CLT-404/MLT-D201 models.

According to Apex, Samsung’s chips used in the 404 series of cartridges have used a new technology making it more difficult for developing the replacement chips. As Samsung chips are regionalized, Apex believes more time and resources are required to develop the replacement chips.

Apex also disclosed the CLT-404 series of cartridges of Samsung are used in its Xpress, MultiXpress and ProXpress series of printers, and the 404 series of cartridges have a faster printing speed and better printing experience with NFC, cloud and mobile printing.

Detailed features of the new replacement chips include:

  • Global first-to-market replacement chip solution
  • Universal replacement chip solution for CLT-404 and MLT-D201 in multiple regions*
  • SoC design with advanced encryption technologies
  • Fast speed, low power consumption, comparable to the performance of OEM’s products
  • Use in recycled cartridges

*Multi-region universal replacement chip here means: Replacement chips for CLT-404 can generally be used in areas including: DOM, EUR, EXP, CHN, MEA, CIS and AME; Replacement chips for MLT-D201 can generally be used in areas including: DOM, EUR, EXP and CHN.

Product list as following:

Detailed information of Apex’s new products, please visit: http://www.apexmic.com/

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