Diary of Chip Engineer—Mao Mao

Diary of Chip Engineer—Mao Mao

Diary of Chip Engineer—Mao Mao

Diary of Chip Engineer—Mao Mao Xerox 2270 Copier chip
“Our Korean competitors were selling their compatible chips for US$8 back in 2013. But I wouldn’t dare let our version be promoted to our Chinese domestic market. Many compatible chips in the market proved to be unstable due to the vast number of models involved. Zhono provided me with a car to visit customers in Guangzhou, Foshan and Huadu to test thousands of devices—many at night. I ran up 50,000 kilometers over six months in the process. Only after three years of trials did we dare market this product. For the past eight years our chip continues to be widely accepted by the market.”

Ricoh Copier Chip

Diary of Chip Engineer—Mao Mao “The serial number—an important factor in the design and development of the chip—is often hidden in the chip algorithm and requires a lot of analysis and many original chips to obtain the formulations. I heard there were many original toner cartridges in Hong Kong, so I went there to read the serial number. It took me 84 hours over seven uninterrupted day-and-night efforts to read tens of thousands of Ricoh serial numbers that could meet our customers’ needs.”

HP99X Chip Series

“Our official global release in March 2021 marked Zhono’s breakthrough into the inkjet chip market. To be truthful, we completed this product in June 2020—nine months earlier, thanks to a very professional inkjet leasing company. This was not an easy product to crack because no two printers issue the same chip instructions. For this reason, there have been many complaints from the market over compatible chips released by others. We took six months to travel to more than 20 cities in China to test our solution in more than 100 devices. We analyzed dozens of instruction algorithms to make sure our chip worked in each case before we dared to officially release it.”


*This article, “Diary of Chip Engineer—Mao Mao,” is also published on pages 2 of RT ImagingWorld magazine which can be downloaded for free.


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