Cultivating the Culture of Caring

Cultivating the Culture of Caring

Cultivating the Culture of Caring

Zhono has built up an image in the minds of its customers of being a fighter—a positive, deep impression it has established over its 16 years.

Being a “fighter” works when it comes to business and delivering strong products that work. At the same time, the Guangzhou-based microchip developer and manufacturer knows how to “fight” for its staff as well. By nurturing its hard-working staff and building a strong team it has been able to keep a loyal team with many of the original staff still happily employed there.

Cultivating the Culture of CaringJack Wang (pictured right), the founding CEO of Zhono pictured in front of his role model Albert Einstein, continues to encourage excellence in learning and innovation. By empowering his team to grow their thinking skills, he believes the company has a more sustainable and solid future.

The company runs classes covering management, R&D, marketing, production management, administration, as well as new staff orientation. The program is called Zhono Business Administration (ZBA) and the practical and effective classes have been helping staff be more effective in their daily work since 2015.

Zhono also invites guest lecturers to visit and provide specialist classes from time to time. The company also offers study allowances for those staff wanting to seek external education and skill development.

Instead, the company insisted its staff go on a 10km hike to improve employee health and teamwork. The August 15, 2020 hiking activity, themed “Fighter,” revealed Zhono to be as concerned for its employees’ wellbeing as much as it is for chip security.

Cultivating the Culture of Caring“Every step and every path we took and every effort we made during the hiking was like what Zhono has been through these years,” one employee told the group. “From setting up a small shop to the building of a manufacturing plant with several R&D departments, from starting in the domestic market to the setting up of an international branch, Zhono has had overcome difficulties time after time and pass by another milestone.”

As a result, staff have grown in confidence and the ability to overcome difficulties together. The team are willing and confident to brainstorm on certain tasks, to solve problems and to create ideas that would be adopted by the company.

** This blog, “Cultivating the Culture of Caring,” appeared on page 13 of the RT ImagingWorld magazine. Click to download the full issue for free.

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