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Aftermarket Wins Over OEMs -Berto expects a comeback

Aftermarket Wins Over OEMs -Berto expects a comebackAftermarket Wins Over OEMs Berto cartoon rtmworld2015 was not such a good year for the OEMs, Lexmark in particular and only in the USA. Having lost against Impression Products at the US Supreme Court, all OEMs have realised that they lose all rights to what happens with a cartridge, wherever it is sold. This means that US consumers can choose to remanufacture their cartridges in the USA, irrespective of whether they were bought in the USA or abroad.

This was not only a win for the aftermarket, but for remanufacturing in particular.

The battle for the lucrative printer cartridge and imaging supplies market has delivered some fierce tensions between printer OEMs and the aftermarket. The OEMs have used a number of strategies to thwart the aftermarket: through technology, firmware upgrades and in the courtroom.

There are many industries where OEMs and the aftermarket both operate. Motor vehicles and spare parts is a well-known industry. The outcome of legal battles in one industry will often impact other industries.

OEM parts are designed exactly like the original parts put in your vehicle. Aftermarket parts, however, are designed only similarly. Sometimes they can function better than OEM parts. Sometimes they don’t. What are the pro’s and con’s for OEM over the aftermarket? Read more here.

Bio Toners Not So Enviro-friendly berto rtmworld cartoonBerto #35: January 5, 2016: Aftermarket Wins Over OEMs -Berto expects a comeback

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