Zhono Wins IP Safe Award

Zhono Wins IP Safe Award

As one of the leaders in the print consumables industry, Zhono was honored with the IP Safe Award during the RT Global Imaging Award Ceremony.


“This award recognizes Zhono’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding intellectual property rights and our outstanding contributions to the microchip field. Our team at Zhono stand strong in a company-wide cultural commitment to ‘imaging a better world’”, said the spokesperson.

The nominations for the RT Global Imaging Awards received over 1,000 company nominations from more than 15 countries and regions worldwide, indicating its global significance. After rigorous evaluation and assessment by a distinguished panel of 12 international experts, Zhono was honored with the IP Safe Award.


“This reaffirms Zhono’s commitment to providing customers with the highest quality products and services, while actively contributing to the development of industry standards,” the spokesperson added.

Zhono holds over 200 domestic and international patents, with a vast array of patented chip solutions designed for most major brands. Zhono responds in real time to the demands of the industry, notably through the creation of the revolutionary “Progeasy” cartridge system.

Zhono takes proactive measures in planning and securing intellectual property for products sold globally. Zhono possesses over 10 integrated circuit layout design copyrights and maintains independent intellectual property rights for a variety of consumable chip products, including products like the Ricoh MPC 2503 series that are currently on the market.

“As a company deeply rooted and focused on printer consumable chips, we recognize the significance of intellectual property risks to our customers. Non-infringement of third-party intellectual property is a fundamental requirement for selling our products,” said the spokesperson.

While continuing to pursue technological innovation and premium product quality, Zhono will steadfastly ensure that its products are fully legitimate, respecting and preserving intellectual property rights.

“Our patented chip solutions not only represent the latest technological advancements but also serve as a legal shield for customers to stand out in the highly competitive market. These patents are our commitment to customers, ensuring that they can use our products with confidence, free from legal risks,” added the spokesperson.




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