Zhono New Release in August

Zhono New Release in August

In August 2023, Zhono released 5 new compatible chips for use in brands including Canon, Fujifilm, Sindoh, Kyocera, and Lanxum.

Zhono is committed to becoming the world’s leading chip supplier. “We are dedicated to providing professional products and services to our customers. Each chip released by Zhono has been rigorously tested and validated to ensure consistent performance. Whether you’re engaged in remanufacturing or office equipment leasing, Zhono-compatible chips can meet your demands with high quality and consistent performance,” said the spokesperson of Zhono.


About Zhono

Zhono is a premier international high-tech company focused on integrated circuit design and committed to becoming the world’s leading supplier chip solutions.
Headquartered in the Guangzhou High-Tech Development Zone, with R&D centers in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Xi’an, Zhono has a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United States directing sales, distribution and marketing activities throughout North America.
Zhono develops and manufactures printing consumable chips, microcontrollers (MCU)  that are widely used in office equipment, smart hardware, and the Internet of Things devices. Zhono is highly regarded by thousands of customers worldwide. Founded in 2013, Zhono has built an extraordinary R&D team, with a complete production and supply process and a global distribution and sales network. Zhono holds numerous significant patents and has passed ISO 9001, GB/T29490, as well as other system certifications to offer the highest standards in the industry.



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