Zhono Releases First-to-market Chips for NEC rtmworld

Zhono Releases First-to-market Chips for NEC

Zhono Releases First-to-market Chips for NEC

Zhono Releases First-to-market Chips for NEC rtmworldChina-based Zhono has announced the release of new compatible chips for NEC MultiWriter 7200 printer which is primarily used in Japan.

Zhono claims the first-to-market solution comes with equivalent performance with OEM. In addition to easy installation, it is also compatible with multiple yields. According to the company statement in Chinese social media, the new release has been verified in the Japanese market and has obtained 100% customer satisfaction during the trials and testing phase.

“We will continue to increase R&D investment and maintain our leading position in Xerox compatible chips,” a company spokesperson stated on WeChat media in China.

The independent company was also the first-to-market company to release the Fuji Xerox DP3500 series compatible chips to the market in January 2020. The chips have been well received by customers after being verified in the market, particularly in Japan.

Zhono is an international high-tech company primarily focused on integrated circuit design and committed to becoming the world’s leading supplier of security chip solutions.

The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in the Guangzhou High-Tech Development Zone, with R&D centers in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Xi’an. The company has a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United States directing our North American sales and marketing activities. Zhono holds many patents and has passed ISO 9001, GB/T29490, and other system certifications. “It is our vision to become a world-leading technology-driven company,” founding CEO Jack Wang said. “It is our mission to use technology innovation to make the world better.”



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