Zhono Releases Compatible Chips for Fuji Xerox DP3500 Series

In February 2019, Fuji Xerox launched updated A3 black and white laser printers DocuPrint3200d, DocuPrint3500d and DocuPrint4400d in Japan.  The company also updated the DocuPrint3205d,DocuPrint3505d, DocuPrint4405d, DocuPrint3208d, DocuPrint3508d and DocuPrint4408d printers in Asian market.

As the leading professinal chip provider, Zhono has released the compatible chips for the Fuji Xerox DP3500 series after the Xerox VI 3371/CP315 series.

According to Zhono, the new compatible chips has the following advantages:

  •  Compatible with multiple models and regions
  • Performance comparable to OEM
  • Easy installation

Product List

Zhono Releases Compatible Chips rtmworld

Please contact Zhono if further details needed.

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