Xerox Optimistic About its Future

The company that invented photocopying and laser printing claims to have just conducted the biggest product launch in its 110-year history.

According to, Xerox’s CEO Jeff Jacobson launched 29 new products enabled by Xerox’s ConnectKey technology. Under the VersaLink brand, Xerox will have nineteen MFPs including twelve A4 devices. The AltaLink brand will sport ten new A3 MFPs. He said Xerox has transformed its traditional MFP into “a smart, workplace assistant” by leveraging assistance from its high-tech center based in California known as Palo Alto Research Center, or PARC.

“PARC is now once again 100% dedicated to serving the needs of the new Xerox customers and this industry.” By saying “once again,” Jacobson suggested that PARC had previously developed all kinds of technology that have had nothing to do with what Xerox does.

Jacobsen also said that 60% of Xerox’s revenue comes from the mature markets now worth US$47 billion out of the US$85 billion global market. The profits account for 60% of Xerox’s overall revenues. Xerox will focus more on the residual US$38 billion market in developing regions and hopes to earn 50% of it future revenues from this market. In order to achieve this, Xerox will focus on four areas: production color, managed document devices, A4 laser printer entry space and target these services to small and medium businesses (SMBs) through its channel partners.

Xerox has created a platform to customization the products for its channel partners to help them find new revenue streams. With the invention of smart devices and Xerox’s ConnectKey technology, the company’s customers can develop their own apps easily. The new technology will facilitate the development of the MPS businesses of Xerox’s channel partners as well.

Xerox Set to Write a New Chapter Following Split

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