Knock it off!

There’s no stopping the Chinese! Particularly when it comes to knocking off brands of designer handbags, jeans, sneakers, mobile phones, motor vehicles, and…printer cartridges.

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  1. Felix Gibson
    Felix Gibson says:

    Is Chinese a racist derogatory word just like Japanese used to be 50 years ago?
    What “Hot Pack” is inspired by which Canon? What does the word “Original” mean? Most people don´t even know and are thus increasingly buying brand names rather than goods.
    Original what? made or designed using whose know how ? or sold or resold by whom where ? to whom where? changed? altered repaired or renovated where by whom? assembled where? packed where? from components made where? by whom for whom? with whose permission? with what brand name put on the product? or on the packing? by whom? where?

  2. Felix Gibson
    Felix Gibson says:


    “In one sector after another companies warn that China’s swift industrial rise is being greased by brazen and increasingly sophisticated theft of intellectual property.”
    “Until recently when China began putting intellectual property laws in place for the past 40 years all patents were owned by the government and could be shared by any company that was willing to use them” said Paul Gao a Shanghai-based expert on consumer electronics and automotives at McKinsey & Company. “The Chinese government actually encouraged this and that has left a deep impression on companies that intellectual property is there for anyone to use it.”
    The defensive strength of a good offense is not lost on them either: “Many Chinese patents for example are granted without any examination of their originality making it easy for local companies to claim others’ innovations as their own” (hmm that sounds familiar) and counter-sue instead of running away.


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