Decline Hovers Over Japanese Printer Market

The total shipment volume of laser MFPs and laser printers in Japan decreased 6.5% in 2016 over the previous year.

IDC has released trend reports on the shipment of laser MFPs/printers, inkjet MFPs/printers in the Japanese domestic printer market for 2016. The analyst group claims the total shipment volume of laser MFPs and laser printers of Japan was 1,438,000 units in 2016.

The shipment of inkjet printers of Japan in 2016 had declined sharply. The entire shipment number of inkjet products in Japan was

4,430,000 million units, marking a 10% year-over-year (YoY) reduction. This is the fourth year that the total annual shipment volume of inkjet products had decreased in Japan.

In terms of the laser MFPs market, its shipment had dropped to 722,000 units, with a YoY decrease of 2.1%. While the shipment number of the color laser MFPs was 530,000 units, with a 2.3% YoY decrease. The total shipping units of monochrome laser MFPs was 191,000 units, seeing a YoY decline of 0.3%.

In the Japanese laser printer market, the entire shipment number of laser printers reduced to 716,000 units, seeing a YoY decrease of 10.4%. The shipment volume of color laser printers and monochrome laser printers had witnessed a YoY falling to 208,000 units and 508,000 units respectively.

The shipping volume of inkjet printers had decreased 3.3% to 640,000 units in comparison with 2015. The entire shipment number of inkjet MFPs fell to 3,790,000 units, seeing a YoY drop of 11.1%.

In addition, among the vendor shipment of laser MFPs / printers, Canon, Ricoh and Xerox had taken 60% share. Seiko Epson (Epson) held the top position while Canon is on its heels on the vendor shipment of inkjet products. The combined market share of those two companies in the vendor shipment was 87.9%, while Epson had increased 2.4% and Canon fell 1.6% in comparison with 2015.

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