Millions of Counterfeits Seized

Authorities in Dubai have seized over three million counterfeit products in an effort to protect intellectual property rights.

According to, copycats of more than 30 brands were found in four warehouses in a 14-day investigation. The Dubai Economy department, responsible for protecting intellectual property rights conducted raids after receiving a tip-off.

The director of the department, Ibrahim Bahzad, emphasized the government agency is dedicated to cracking down on fakes, “Dubai Economy is committed to translating the directives and vision of the government of Dubai to promote economic activity. Combatting commercial fraud and protecting goods and services against duplicating their brand or logo are part of the strategic objective of Dubai Economy to improve confidence among businesses and investors and enhance overall competitiveness in Dubai,”

Bahzad also notes it is harder than ever to find counterfeits because those responsible for making and selling fake products are “pulling new tricks.” Some import goods in pieces and assemble them in the warehouse. The criminals also choose remote or hard-to-find locations to conduct counterfeiting activities, making it extra difficult for inspectors to track them.

The raid allegedly took more than two days because the officials took time to make sure that the products were in fact non-genuine and the process was transparent.

In addition to inks and printers, other counterfeit products included phone accessories, handbags, clothes, leather goods, cosmetics, watches, and contact lenses.

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