Xerox Negotiates MegaPurchase

Xerox Negotiates MegaPurchase

Rumors abound that Xerox plans to purchase RR Donnelley, the world’s largest print group. But the talk has firmed up to become news in recent days.

According to the US financial press agency Bloomberg, Xerox is at the early stage of negotiations to purchase the US-based RR Donnelley and integrate it with the post-split operations of Xerox. If talks go smoothly, it is believed the transactions could be finished before the completion of Xerox’s separation, and RR Donnelley would also cease its own splitting scheme plans.

With a revenue of $11.6 billion, RR Donnelley planned to split its business into three entities including RR Donnelley & Sons Company ($7 billion), LSC Communications ($3.5 billion) and Donnelley Financial Solutions ($1 billion). It remains unknown whether the purchase covers the entire RR Donnelly business or only part of it known as RR Donnelley & Sons Company operation.


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