Xerox Celebrates 75th Anniversary of Xerography

2013 Marks the 75th anniversary of the first xerographic image, created by Chester Carlson. To commemorate the historical event, Xerox announced it will celebrate innovation and kick off its role in the company’s history and future. Next year, Xerox staff members will conduct a series of activities celebrating Carlson’s discovery through the company intranet, webchats and social media.

Ursula Burns, Xerox CEO and Chairman of the Board, commented, “Now is the time when many companies would look back, and we certainly will, but only for a moment. The real focus of our celebration will be the future and how Xerox will continue to simplify how work gets done. That’s why the theme of our anniversary year is ‘The Next 75.’”

According to Xerox, Chester Carlson’s invention has led to the founding of the Xerox Corporation and changed how business has been conducted for decades. Seventy-five years ago, the world’s first xerographic copy was written on a glass slide with the date and location: “10-22-38 Astoria” in a rented second story room in Queens, New Y.ork. Xerox claimed its people are still and will always be committed to inventing in ways that make work and life simpler.

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