Penfold by Office Choice, Toner Express Merge to form United Office Choice in Australia

According to Stationery News, Adelaide-based supplier Penfold by Office Choice announced it has merged with Melbourne-based Toner Express to set up a new company named United Office Choice.

Greg Barraclough, Managing Director of Penfold, said the merger has been discussed for many years and he believes that the new company can be expected to become the second largest independent office supplies business in Australia, following Complete Office Supplies (COS).

Toner Express’s Owner Douglas Lee added that the merger has been a part of the process to “improve the company’s offerings, extending its range into office products, and to drive an online proposition.”

As was reported by Stationery News, Toner Express, specializing in toner and ink cartridge supplies has gained about a $13 million annual turnover. And with 90 employees, Penfold by Office Choice operates 8 offices across 4 states in Australia.

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