Used Cartridges Successfully Raise $33 million

Another U.S. non-profit charity claims it is successfully raising money through the recycling of printer cartridges.

According to, the Bloomfield Downtown Revitalization group (BDR) has signed a contract with Funding Factory which buys used toner and inkjet cartridges.

The Funding Factory—a subsidiary of Clover Technologies Group—claims to have paid out US$33.2 million to 58,200 participants, and avoided 42.2 million pounds (19.1 million kgs) of used cartridges ending up in the country’s landfills.

BDR has set up collection containers for used cartridges in different locations in Bloomfield. The containers will have a complete list of qualifying cartridges, and will bear signage identifying it as a drop-off container for BDR.

Matt Miller, one member of this project said, “We want to raise funds to put to use in improving the quality of life and lessening the burden of government to revitalize downtown Bloomfield as a destination for all to live, work and visit.”

BDR stated that it also accepts cash donations as well.

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