OEM’s Products Returned

Local politicians in the city of Derry, Ireland, have publicly handed back their council-issued Hewlett Packard printers in protest over contracts HP holds with Israel.

The councillors have responded to a call from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign who are conducting a “week of action” against HP systems being used in various Israeli government departments. They claim HP’s actions are harmful to Palestine. The Derry branch of The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign demonstrated outside the Guildhall, where the Derry and Strabane councilors meet, calling for all councilors and staff to return their HP products.

Five independent councilors have responded to the request by handing back the HP printers. Christopher Jackson from the Sinn Fein party called the incident “stunt politics.”

However, the leader of the Social Democratic and Labor Party grouping on the Council—Cllr Martin Reilly—maintained the returning of the HP printers would have no impact on HP as the printers had already been bought and paid for.

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