Print-Rite Awarded Gold Prize at Geneva

Print-Rite Awarded Gold Prize at Geneva

Print-Rite was awarded the Gold Medal at the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, which is the most important specialist event of its kind in the world. Print-Rite’s innovations have been recognized at this prestigious event in 2018. The jury congratulated the AMSS Metal 3D printing technology of Print-Rite.

AMSS (Additive Manufacturing Selective Sintering) 3D Printing Technology was first introduced in the autumn of 2017. There are only three steps to build a 3D object using special metal filaments: Printing – Debinding – Sintering to a solid mass. The technology enables better productivity because more corporations can integrate metal 3D printing into their workflows. It is absolutely cost-effective.


Print-Rite claimed the company will continue to provide patent safe aftermarket printing products and leverage R&D capabilities to develop more applied 2D & 3D printing solutions to benefit the print consumables industry at large, and lead the development with strong focus on innovation.


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