University of Houston Chooses Skelton


Skelton Business Equipment Awarded Exclusive Copier Contract for the University of Houston

Just over a year into the contract, Skelton Business Equipment “Skelton” is pleased to announce that we have been selected from a long list of contenders as the exclusive copier and copier service provider for the University of Houston “U of H.”

 The University of Houston’s evaluation committee vetted several Houston-based copier companies and eventually selected Skelton Business Equipment as the top ranked firm for the products and services in the formal Request for Proposal. University of Houston, known for supporting local businesses when selecting vendors, is doing just that when they chose a company that has been in business in the greater Houston area since 1978.

 Skelton Business Equipment’s President, Jim Beyer, and sales/IT hybrid Collin Grimes worked diligently along with Matt Euston from Sharp Electronics to put together an award-winning proposal for the University of Houston. “With great pricing from Sharp, the next step was to highlight the true value of doing business with Skelton to set ourselves apart from the crowd of applicants – excellent service response time, automated diagnostic monitoring, and friendly, knowledgeable staff,” Grimes explains. “Leveraging available technology is important, but the personal touch will always be the key to maintaining a successful business relationship. I’m looking forward to building a strong rapport with the folks at U of H.”

 After purchasing the Skelton Business Equipment in 1999, it has been Jim and Barbie Beyer’s goal to expand their customer base and retain them by giving them no reason to look elsewhere for their office equipment needs. With a fleet of over 300 multi-functional copiers on campus, University of Houston is certainly helping to bolster Skelton’s numbers.

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