NEHA Inks Print High Density and Consistent Colors

Imaging Solution Bureau reported

NEHA Inks Print High Density and Consistent Colors

Founded in 1986, the Mumbai-based company, NMS Enterprises, under their home brand NEHA offers copier and printer cartridge and machine parts, toners (monochrome and color) for printers and copiers; inks (black & color) for printers; and lamination machines & products. Led by its founder, Narsi Ravaria, NEHA strives to provide top quality products to its customers.

Narsi Ravaria reveals, “Under NEHA brand, we provide best quality products and prompt service to our end customers. Our inks are imported from Taiwan from reputed manufacturers so that the products have high purity and standard. The products are tested by best inspection equipment to maintain good quality, performance and compatibility. The products come packed in 70 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml and 20L, respectively.”

NEHA has launched a series of new compatible inks for use in Epson, HP, Canon and Brother series of printers. The brand offers compatible inks that can produce intense and vibrant colors with long lasting performance. NEHA’s compatible cartridges have non-plugging nozzles and possess great anti-friction and light resistant ability. Their inks give long-lasting print, contain non-toxic substances and perform comparable to OEM products.

Narsi Ravaria comments, “We have our dealer network spread across India. Regarding GST, we think it is a good step that will aid us in our business. In future, we want to establish NEHA as a strong brand for imaging consumables and expand our business network further.”

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  1. Siavosh Kaviani (Mr.)
    Siavosh Kaviani (Mr.) says:

    Do you have an Ink that is compatible with Thermal Inkjet HP 45 Si Cartridge as well as HP 45 Ai which is water base ?


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