New Aftermarket Solution to Dongle Gear System

During RemaxAsia Expo, Suzhou Goldengreen Technologies (SGT) showcased their patent pending solution to the Canon “Dongle” patents and amassed a great crowd at their booth with customers looking for a real solution to business stopping problem.

Canon is suing remanufacturers in the USA and Europe for infringing a number of their patents relating to the drum and dongle gear combination. Chairman Dr Richard Yu (pictured) says SGT has been working on the problem for almost a year. The company has developed a used OEM drum recoating technology that overcomes the obstacles of disassembling and reassembling the OPC system.

Adopting physical and chemical methods, the process allows a used OEM drum to be cleaned and recoated so that the worn OPC parts are replaced with the OEM substrate, gears and rotating arm. Thereby the process becomes permissible repair on the OEM-used drum without the need to change the key parts of this OPC drum-composite system, risking infringing on the OEM patent.

SGT asserts the technology is unique and does not infringe the OEM patents and uses a viable, quality alternative to the legitimate imaging aftermarket. The company is confident that this is what the aftermarket has been waiting for.

China based SGT manufactures 500 million OPC drums every year, for both OEM as well as aftermarket companies.

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