Print-Rite Unveils New OPC Drum Gear Solution

China-based Print-Rite launched new toner cartridges fitted with its PR-2 drum gear. The new release is claimed to circumvent the features designed into Canon’s dongle gear and therefore free from the risk of patent infringement.

The OPC drum gear is a drive transferring component set at one end of the OPC drum. Without this component, the toner cartridge would not be able to function. The gear is at the core of OEM’s patent strategy. Print-Rite has been investing in the development of patents using an alternative to the OEM gear. Last year, Print-Rite launched its NoTwist™ OPC drum gear which efficiently avoided the impact of the general exclusion order (GEO) issued in favor of Canon.

Print-Rite asserts that its introduction of toner cartridges with a PR-2 drum gear is a timely move to further help customers avoid any allegations of patent infringement. The PR-2 OPC drum gear is designed for compatible use in more than 50 mainstream laser printer models, a broad market space.

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