Replacement Cartridge Manufacturer Highly Confident for CISS Growth

On day two of RemaxAsia Expo 2014, Guohua Zhou, General Manager of Fuzhou New Generation Technology Limited Company of Jiangxi Province, China, introduced their patented Dynamic Pressure Replenishment continuous ink supply system (CISS) to the delegates at the seminars & workshops room.

Mr. Zhou asserted their new system is very different from other CISS products. Usually, CISS products apply vacuum technology to ensure ink supply and there are holes on the ink tanks. While New Generation’s system, without any holes on the ink tanks, can provide much better quality printing. As was stated, the system will supply ink when the inks in the tanks become less and taking advantage of air pressure. As there are no holes on the tanks, the inks are isolated from air at standby time, which help the inks preserve for a longer time and prevent inks from blocking. Mr. Zhou added that these products are particularly designed for the home and office printing and challenges the cost of laser printing.

“Our products are patented in China and have been available since 2012.” Mr. Zhou disclosed to Recycling Times, “We saw a 50% sales increase year-on-year in the first half of this year, so we are very confident for the future of our CISS system. We are also planning to introduce these products to the international market. ”

When asked how he responded to OEM’s ink tank products, particularly those launched by Epson, for instance, Epson launched its new EcoTank Printer series in this month, he said, “We don’t worry about this, because our product prices are very competitive and much lower than the OEM’s. Moreover, we can provide ink tanks in as many as 6-12 colors. ”

As to the patent issues in the US and Europe, Mr. Zhou noted that, “Before we launch the products in these regions, we will assign professional and experienced lawyers to conduct freedom-to-operate study, so as to avoid any lawsuits. We respect OEM’s patents. ”

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