P&G Leads List of Egypt’s Paper Products Exporters

A report from the Chemical Export Council (CEC) reveals that Egypt’s paper products exports declined by 8% in 2015 to only 2.8 billion Egyptian pounds (US$ 357.6 million), from 3 billion in 2014.

Looking at the ranking, Procter and Gamble (P&G) was on top of the list of paper products exporters, with 108.7 million Egyptian pounds (US$1.38 million) worth of exports during November 2015. It represented 42% of Egypt’s paper products exports between January-November 2015 to register 999.5 million Egyptian pounds (US$127.7million).

Interstate Paper Industries Company captured 456.4 million Egyptian pounds(US$ 58.2 million) worth of paper exports in 2015, coming in second place, followed by Al Sendian for Paper Industry that recorded exports of 218 .2 million Egyptian pounds(US$ 27.87million).

According to the report, Turkey was the largest importer of Egypt’s paper products in 2015 with 1.7 billion Egyptian pounds (US$ 217.1 million), seizing 30 % of the total volume. Following Turkey, Saudi Arabia imports of Egyptian paper products hit 695 million pounds (US$ 88.8 million), followed by Belgium with 606.9 million pounds (US$77.5 million) and Iraq with 520.7 million pounds (US$ 66.5 million).

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