White Paper Released to Aftermarket

200 people heard Hewlett-Packard (HP) say they are working with the printer consumables aftermarket industry to ensure remanufacturers do not infringe HP’s brand.

HP’s Elizabeth Porter (Worldwide Toner Competitive Response Manager) and Matthew Barkley (Worldwide IP & Brand Protection Programs Manager) warned remanufacturers they must cease using infringing chips.

It’s the first time any OEM has engaged first hand with the after market industry on how to resolve differences over brand recognition and intellectual property.

Many delegates at the Conference@2013 in Zhuhai, China said they were amazed to witness an OEM’s recognition of the legitimate aftermarket industry, and willingness to show how a solution could be found. “We saw history in the making today,” said David Gibbons, organizer of the annual conference. “For years, remanufacturers, who have the lawful right to ‘repair’ a printer cartridge and resell it, have perceived and experienced a wall of divide between themselves and the OEMs. Many have seen the OEMs as not just being a competitor, but also an enemy.”

Bill Swartz, President of components giant, Static Control said HP’s presentation was even more significant. During the course of the presentation, Barkley told delegates they were working with many manufacturers of cartridge smart chips but actually named Static Control as being the first to market with compliant chips for the remanufacturing industry. “This is the first time ever an OEM has publicly named an aftermarket company—real recognition of our (Static Control’s) hard work with HP over many years.”

Barkley and Porter said it was their preference to work with remanufacturers in this more positive approach. They provided a “white” or position paper on their position to delegates. The white paper will be posted to HP’s website this week, but permission has been given to Recycling Times—the organisers of Conference@2013 and RemaxAsia Expo—to post it ahead of time to their irecyclingtimes.com website for the global industry to gain immediate access.

See http://issuu.com/recyclingtimes/docs/hp_white_paper

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