Ninestar: The Future is Bright

Ninestar, subsidiary of Seine Group, held the Hello Future forum on the site of its new Hi-Tech Industry Park, on the second day of the RemaxAasia Expo.

On the forum, several speakers deliver presentations on the trends and opportunities of the printer and print consumables industry, as well as the development strategies of the company. Legal conflicts between OEMs and the aftermarket have been discussed as well.

Ms. Yuexia Xia, Seine General Counsel summarized some recent lawsuits against the aftermarket. She said OEMs haven’t filed many lawsuits as regards to aftermarket chips for toner cartridges, but many warning letters have been sent out. She predicts that chip patents will be the next emphasis in OEM’s legal battle.

Terry Dai, Vice-General Manager of Seine Toner Factory, said customers want a well-balanced combination of competitive price, uncompromised quality and shortened delivery time. To meet such demand, Ninestar has reengineered its processes in the new industry park, by transforming supply chain operations, redesigning the productions lines and shop-floor procedures, etc.

Dr. Alex Li, Senior Vice President of Pantum International said printing should be simple, so simplicity will be Pantum’s next focus. Pantum printer is now very successful in some economies, such as South Africa, Israel and Italy, etc. Li aims to make Pantum one of the top five printer brands worldwide by 2016 and US$2 billion turnover is expected.

Jackson Wang, CEO of Seine Group, concluded the forum with a presentation named Treasury Future, in which he expressed confidence in the future of the print consumables aftermarket. A big testimony would be that Ninestar’s consumables income increased by 20% YoY last year, and the growth is still undergoing this year.

After the forum, delegates were invited to tour around the company’s new industry park and join a dinner party later after that.

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