3D Printing in China Shows Potential, Yet Overheated

At iPrint (China) Expo 2013, exhibitors present the latest achievements in 3D printing industry in China. In addition to visitors showing great interest in the creative products, the wide range of 3D printers, raw materials and products for technology application prove that this industry has a huge potential.

Mr. Hogen Qiu, North China Sales Manager at Trustworthy (Beijing) Technology, told Recycling Times that he is sure of the positive future of 3D printing industry, adding that 3D printing manufacturers are being very creative in developing products containing this amazing technology. According to Mr. Qiu, what those manufacturers are doing has created a unique business environment of 3D printing market in China.

However, Mr. Qiu also expressed his concern that the 3D printing industry is getting over heated in China. He noted that the industry is drawing too much public attention since local governments in China have invested too many efforts in promoting this new technology. Also, while the overseas 3D printing markets have become mature and the manufacturers in those regions are widely using different raw materials, manufacturers in China are still in the learning and imitating process. Therefore, he suggested that Chinese manufacturers should start to run their own products and warned that if they don’t, most of the 3D printing companies in China will be gone in the next 2 years.

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