U.S. Customs Visits Canon Cartridge Manufacturing Facility

The coalition of printer OEMs in the United States has worked closely with US Customs and Border Protection to ensure protection of intellectual property rights on printer cartridges. 

With the issuance of the US ITC 337 General Exclusion Orders an increased focus of attention has been needed to provide education and market intelligence to the authorities.

The Imaging Supplies Coalition (ISC) is a non-profit trade association comprised of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of consumable imaging supplies including ribbons, toner, inks and cartridges. Its members include Brother International Corporation, Canon U.S.A., Inc., Epson America Inc., HP, Lexmark International, Inc., Samsung Electronics America, Inc., Toshiba America Business Solutions Inc. and Xerox Corporation.

The coalition has previously worked with the Electronics Center for Excellence and Expertise (CEE) to oversee a significant increase in seizures and the forfeiture of infringing products. To further develop their knowledge of the imaging supplies industry, Alan Aprea, Branch Chief of the Electronics CEE, requested that the ISC coordinate a visit to a member factory to review the cartridge manufacturing process. 

Canon agreed to host the visit at Canon Virginia Inc. (CVI) and Canon Environmental Technologies Inc. (CETI).

Aprea, in commenting about the tour, said, “Our group came away very impressed with all of the great work that Canon is accomplishing both on the manufacturing side at CVI and on the recycling end at CETI. This was an excellent opportunity for us to observe the manufacturing of the toner cartridge and how it comes full circle through the recycling process at CETI. Canon is setting an excellent example of how to run a successful domestic manufacturing operation, along with a state-of-the-art “no landfill” recycling facility. This productive factory visit will greatly improve our effectiveness as we continue to protect Canon’s and the other ISC members’ IP at the border.” 

Mr. Toru Nishizawa, President & CEO, Canon Virginia Inc. who hosted the tour, responded, “I am glad to hear that the presentation and the tours have helped to show the depth of our operations. As you could see through the tours, our operations are not just manufacturing activities but more expanded activities that include a closed loop resource recycling. Also, we contribute to the community by generating employment for high-skilled engineers and provide training for high-tech automated facilities operators. We would like to continue to expand and deepen our activities and IP protection is a significant element in the process. We and the other members of the ISC appreciate your effort and corporation in this matter.

A spokesperson from ISC added the visit is “indicative of the continued focus ISC Members and the US CBP CEE places on the enforcement of patent rights and other intellectual property which will be beneficial to all stakeholders in the imaging supplies industry.” 


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