Graph Expo Seminar to Address Patent protection

Graph Expo Seminar to Address Patent protection

The Wall Street Journal has highlighted patent issues impacting Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and others in the imaging industry.

They have been continuously targeted by patent trolls who buy the rights to dormant patents and intentionally use them to sue or demand hefty licensing fees from companies.

Some companies have been trapped, as patent trolls take advantage of the common dilemma in patent litigation, where plaintiffs with dubious claims could demand licensing fees from defendants.

In the US, 27 states have passed recent laws to stem the rise of infringement claims of questionable merits. Standards have been set so courts can tell a real patent issue from an intentional patent troll action. Meanwhile, the new state laws also allow printers and OEMs to countersue in a proved false or exaggerated patent infringement claim. With the Innovation Act passed by the House of Representatives in December 2013, it is easier for defendants, such as printers and OEMs, to win legal fees from a patent troll after defeating it in court.

According to the new state laws, printers and OEMs can also bring a civil suit against the patent troll once they are targeted in a bad-faith claim.

More insights are being provided by Cal Poly professor Emeritus, Dr. Harvey R. Levenson at the Graph Expo seminar in Chicago on September 13.


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