Toshiba Unwraps Encompass X to Celebrate 10th Anniversary of MPS Program

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of its industry-leading Encompass managed print services (MPS) program, Toshiba America Business Solutions today unveils Encompass X, the latest iteration of Toshiba’s acclaimed fleet management software.

Encompass X enables professional services consultants from both Toshiba and its dealers the ability to quickly and accurately document the location, utilization, cost and energy efficiency of a fleet of copiers, printers and other office equipment.

Using Encompass X, analysts can plot these devices on a floor plan; calculate the total cost of ownership, measure energy efficiency and a myriad of other hard and soft costs associated with document output and management.

In addition to providing a detailed current state analysis, analysts use Encompass X to craft an optimized printing environment that improves the client’s costs, productivity and energy efficiency.

By utilizing Encompass X in conjunction with Toshiba’s other industry leading solutions, Toshiba can help clients reduce how much they print, consolidate printers and copiers and preview their deployment before a single device is removed or delivered.

“An MPS platform that is both simple and comprehensive is universally required in the printing and imaging industry, but rarely achieved,” said Jake Fishman, gap intelligence, inc.  “The advancements that Encompass X brings to the company’s field-proven MPS platform fulfill this requirement, and provide Toshiba and its channels with a unique ability to communicate their MPS value proposition.”

“With the introduction of Encompass X, we now provide clients an even more comprehensive, visual and impactful view of their printing environment together with a detailed and cohesive solution to achieve a “less-print,” workflow and energy efficient infrastructure,” said Toshiba America Business Solutions Chief Marketing Executive, Bill Melo.


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