PrintFleet Appoints New Distributor in Brazil

Ontario, Canada-based PrintFleet Inc, a global leader in managed print software and solutions, announced it has added IBSolution Tecnologia e Informação as a Vision™ distributor in Brazil.

The company stated that PrintFleet Vision is a complete remote monitoring system, designed to capture, store and analyze critical printing data from client locations. The system can reduce the complexity of managing an infrastructure of printers and multifunction devices from multiple manufacturers that have to be monitored, maintained, serviced and supplied with consumables.

IBSolution delivers integrated solutions for MPS market and organizations of any segments. Its head office is located in Sao Paulo,  Brazil, with operations throughout all Latin America.

“Adding IBSolution as a Vision distributor significantly enhances our ability to serve the South and Central American, as well as Caribbean markets,” stated David Morrow, Chief Commercial Officer at PrintFleet. “Our relationship with IBSolution will enable us to more effectively meet the needs of our growing base of Latin American customers.”

“With the addition of PrintFleet Vision, we are not only able to offer an additional solution set to companies looking to offer MPS, but we will also be better able to support all market needs,” says Leandro Ramos, Chief Commercial Officer at IBSolution. In addition, Rodrigo Romao, Chief Technical Officer says, “PrintFleet will surely serve as an enhancement for IBSolution, resulting in less time spent customizing new meter counts, quicker response times for issues and the ability for customers to generate invoices without needing all meter counts.”


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