Epson Purchases Majority Stake in Avasys Corporation

Seiko Epson Corporation (Epson) announced it acquired a majority stake in Avasys Corporation, a Japanese software development company. The purchase makes Avasys Corporation become a subsidiary of Epson.

According to the OEM, Avasys has capability and expertise in fields like developing embedded software for information-related and industrial equipment, as well as creating cloud-based applications. Epson believes making the company a subsidiary will enhance Epson’s ability to plan and develop software. Also, the acquisition will accelerate its efforts to create a range of more attractive products including wearables and industrial devices.

Epson first took an equity stake in 1990, and Avasys has been a business partner of the OEM ever since. Avasys has been contributing to the overall competitiveness of Epson products by developing embedded software for its printers.


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