Toshiba Provides Update on Integration with Ricoh

Toshiba Provides Update on Integration with Ricoh

Toshiba Provides Update on Integration with Ricoh

Toshiba Provides Update on Integration with RicohToshiba recently resolved to establish the US company ETRIA in order to continue the business integration with Ricoh.

In a previous disclosure on February 6, Ricoh outlined the successor company’s details, including the company name ETRIA, business scope, and capital structure. Following the announcement, Toshiba has now finalized the establishment of the US company of ETRIA, which would be subject to the entire acquisition. Rioch also confirmed that all undetermined details in the prior announcement had been settled.

The establishment of the new company should take place today on April 1. Some of the details include:

Location 850 New Burton Rd #201, Dover, DE 19904
Name and title of representative Larry White, President and CEO
Business description Manufacture and sale of toners and toner cartridges, etc.
Capital USD 0.01
Date of establishment April 1, 2024

Given its status as a newly established entity, financial performance data for ETRIA USA is not yet available. Therefore, it is expected to inherit the recent operational results of Toshiba America Business Solution, involving mostly Toshiba’s business in toners and cartridges.

On May 19, 2023, Toshiba and Ricoh agreed to transfer Toshiba’s shares to the joint venture company through an absorption-type company split. They also mentioned necessary procedures will be performed on a specific day between April 1, 2024, and June 30,2024, to be separately negotiated by the two companies, which should be happening soon in the future.



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