Toshiba Tec Transfer Inkjet Head Business

Toshiba Tec Transfers Inkjet Head Business

Toshiba Tec Transfers Inkjet Head Business

In a Board of Directors meeting held on December 22, Toshiba Tec resolved to transfer its inkjet head businesses to RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION.

Toshiba Tec Transfer Inkjet Head Business

Details of the Transfer

The inkjet head business is jointly owned by Toshiba Tec and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Tec Precision Co., Ltd. It will be inherited by a subsidiary that is yet to be established by RISO KAGAKU. Therefore, details of the succeeding company and its status after the transfer will be disclosed later.

The transfer will be implemented through the method of simplified absorption-type company split, pursuant to Article 784, Paragraph 2 of the Companies Act. According to the Article, company can perform a simple split if the total assets to be inherited by the succeeding company does not exceed one-fifth of the net assets of the split company upon absorption-type split. Hence, the split can be performed without the need to obtain approval at the General Meeting of Shareholders.


Reasons of the Transfer

The primary aim of Toshiba Tec. is “becoming a global top solutions partner by generating new value through co-creation with the aim of contributing to the resolution of social issues.” In pursuit of this goal, Toshiba Tec. has been leveraging various measures to ensure sustainable development and enhance corporate portfolio.

The inkjet head business has been a major contributor to Toshiba Tec Group, showcasing strong manufacturing capabilities. However, the company acknowledges the need for a stronger partner to further bolster its business transformation and optimize resource allocation.

Toshiba Tec chooses RISO KAGAKU as its succeeding company for its exceptional development capabilities in inkjet printer. The integration of the inkjet head business with RISO KAGAKU is expected to result in substantial growth and expanded business opportunities, ultimately generating additional profit.



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