Toshiba President and CEO Exits Company

Why any of us are surprised anymore with the annual personnel changes in the office technology space is beyond me, but the e-mail that press and analysts received on May 1 from Toshiba President & CEO Mark Mathews stating that he was leaving Toshiba on May 3 after 20 years with the company was a big surprise.

In the e-mail he noted that “After lengthy discussions with my family and for a wide variety of reasons, personal and professional, we feel now is the appropriate time to transition to the next chapter in our lives. I leave TABS knowing the organization is in solid shape and on a trajectory of continued success.”

“I don’t know exactly what I’ll do, but I’m not going to show up at a competitor or open up a dealership,” he said while adding that this was a personal and family decision.

Mark underscored his e-mail comments that he will remain in Orange County, primarily for family reasons, which pretty much precludes other options on the OEM side of the business since those companies are concentrated on the East Coast.

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