Threats or No Threats?

Russia is seeing more and more patent registrations from printer OEMs. Though it has not had an impact on the aftermarket in this region yet, the patent wars might affect the reputation of aftermarket in Russia.

Stanislav Malinskiy, General Director at Business Inform told Recycling Times that there will not be winners in the patent wars. He noted that OEM’s patent registration doesn’t affect aftermarket in Russia now, but changes will happen when lots of patent wars start. Also, the aftermarket in Russia will increase after the decrease in shipments of cheap, patent-infringing cartridges. However, the growth will be mainly provided by the cheapest production from aftermarket, building a negative image of the Russian aftermarket.

As was revealed, new federal law (223FZ) for public procurement in Russia doesn’t give new opportunity for the aftermarket consumable suppliers, but it doesn’t allow state organizations to buy cheap, low quality products. Dr. Malinskiy commented that the new law will help improve the reputation of the non-patent-infringing, aftermarket supplies in Russia.

On the other hand, Dr. Malinskiy pointed out that the printer market in Russia in the second quarter of 2014 (2Q2014) remained the same as what it was in 2013. Printer unit shipments, which were traded through OEM representatives, decreased by 12-15% in 2Q2014. But great Russian buyers, who have real and legal possibilities to buy printers through other channels, have driven the shipments increase by 157%. Therefore, he said, “it’s absolutely untrue that the Russian printer market has declined”.

Regarding the future of the printer market in Russia, Dr. Malinskiy suggested at RT Imaging Summit Zhuhai @2014 that OEMs, recycling companies and compatible supply manufacturers should unite their efforts and resources for ensuring the product quality and getting rid of patent infringement.

Further, Dr. Malinskiy and David Gibbons, Director of Recycling Times have jointly announced the first issue of the Russian edition of Recycling Times Magazine.

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