Great Potential Found in the Latin American Aftermarket

Great Potential Found in the Latin American Aftermarket

Speaking at RT’s Imaging Summit in Zhuhai, Ivan Rosales, Director of Recycling Times Latin America, focused on thegreat opportunities for successin the Latin American (LA) aftermarket for imaging consumables. “If you have the properbusiness strategies,” he explained, “opportunities can be found because users now prefer remanufactured products.”

Mr. Rosales claimed that consumers in his region tend to recycle cartridges for theiradded value. Also, remanufactured products today with their low prices and high quality are meeting user’s demands. In addition, the amount of consumers is increasing due to the growing reach of printer technology, such as printing from iPads, iPods, smart phones and other mobile devices.

Additionally, Mr. Rosales explained that the LA market is becoming more competitive because the number of remanufacturers has grown from 50 to 500.  Major OEM importers and distributors are now importing and distributing new-built compatible cartridges. However, these products, with their very low cost recharged cartridges,are undermining the reputation of the industry in the region.

Government policy in Latin America could be another limitation. According to Mr. Rosales, the Brazilian government has ruled that empty cartridges must be collected at the same place where they were first sold. High import taxes in Argentina have limited the import quota and high corruption withinthecustomsagencyin Mexicoallowsmanycounterfeit and patentinfringingcartridgestoenter the market.

However, Mr. Rosales concludedthereisstilla greatopportunityforsuccessifyouinvestproperly, offerproducts ofhighquality and partner with the right companies.

Among thepositivebusinesses for success in the LAmarket are:
• High Quality Remanufactured Cartridges
• The New Range of InkjetPrinters
• Raw Materials for Remanufacturers
• High QualityPlain and CoatedImagingPapers
• PackagingMaterials
• ComponentsforPrinterRemanufacturing

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