Cartridge World Moves into the MENA Market

With more than 1,750 stores in 50 countries globally, Cartridge World, is now expanding into the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) markets, in partnership with Taleed International, an innovative investment company in UAE.

According to Zawya, Cartridge World MENA will operate in Dubai’s Jebel Ali free zone, and become the master franchise for the Middle East and North African regions, offering high quality re-engineered cartridges produced using state-of-the-art technology.

Taher A. Haj Yousef, Managing Director, Cartridge World MENA, said “We are very pleased to introduce Cartridge World, a prestigious global brand, to the Middle East and North Africa regions. We believe the quality efficient cartridges will definitely be a game changer as they are carefully re-engineered to match the specifications of leading printer brands without any compromise. It’s our adoption of groundbreaking technological innovations that ensures Cartridge World distributes environmentally sound and economically rewarding products that meet OEM specifications in an ever-transforming arena. We see great potential in the cartridges and are extremely enthusiastic about their growth in the regions.”



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