Legendary World Toner Conference Set for Relaunch in Wuhan, China

With the rapid development of desktop print supplies coming out of China, the first World Toner Conference is set to attract visitors, speakers and exhibitors to the ChuTian International Hotel in Wuhan, China on April 9-10, 2015.

Industry professionals, leaders and potential buyers from around the globe will share opinions, trends, intellectual property updates, and technology advances.

Recently in China, the manufacturing of print supplies has grown rapidly.

The growth rate of toner production alone has been at 25% every year since 2007. Total output reached 20,000 tons in 2013 with up to 60 production lines. Local brands have become well-known including Hubei Dinglong, Handan Hanguang, Wuhan Pointrole, Guangzhou Comet, Zhuhai ICMI, Wuxi TTI, JADI, TianTong, Ningbo Flexitone as they move successfully into the worldwide market place.

Consequently, the toner industry demands a professional event for all players to gather.

The Toner Conference series, birthed in 1984 in the USA, then acquired by RT Media in 2014, continues to be a unique opportunity for both OEM and aftermarket industry players to meet face-to-face in a business-to-business (b2b) format. Also in 2014, RT Media acquired the US-based imaging media icon, Recharger Magazine, and the Spain-based Consumibles E-Magazine.

Heavyweight industry players and fast-growing companies will participate at the new China based Toner Conference which will focus on trends, new technologies and patent issues relating to toner.

General manager of Wuhan POINTROLE, Mr. Liang Youhua commented: “At present many OEMs and famous print consumable channels are set up in Wuhan because of the good geographical advantage.  At the same time, print consumables, especially toner, have seen rapid development developed in recent years.” Many OEM and major distributors of aftermarket brands are located in the central region of China, where Wuhan is located—making it an important strategic hub for print supplies. General manager of Hubei DingLong Chemical Co., Ltd, Mr. Zhu Shunquan, said, “We are looking forward to the World Toner Conference 2015, and welcoming my peers who manufacture toner as well, to gather to discuss the future development of this industry.”

By integrating global industry resources, and converging the leading companies from China and overseas, the toner conference is expected to successfully become another world-class industry event similar to the world’s largest industry RemaxAsia Expobased in Zhuhai in southern China.

Why wait? The World Toner Conference will give exhibitors the opportunity to explore new business opportunities. Expo booths are limited. For more information, contact sales manager Kevin Zhu (Tel: 0756-3919265 eMail: Kevin.Zhu@iRecyclingTimes.com

More information about The World Toner Conference at: www.iRecyclingtimes.com 

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