Giovanni Giusti,Remaxworld,2017

Where Can Print Industry Go from Here?

Giovanni Giusti,Remaxworld,2017Pioneers in the printing industry are having to be more innovative in order to control and manage sustainable growth.

Giovanni Giusti, the CEO of Doxense Europe provided attendees from 25 countries gathered in Zhuhai at the RemaxWorld Expo with a road map that OEMs and remanufacturers could be using for the next 30 years in order to survive and transform the printing industry.

Giusti revealed OEMs can find new growth opportunities in horizontal and vertical markets as well as new segments. While most are focusing on traditional printing activities in order to protect their cartridges on the installed base, others are enthusiastically embracing the transition to digitalization.

New technologies to disrupt the printing industry include artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, cloud services and 3D printing technology etc. The blockchain technology will significantly impact the traditional printing industry because it can realize reduction of printing costs, improving service and enabling integration with digitalization.

In traditional activities, managed contracts are new growing opportunities for OEMs to reduce printing costs for customers.

In the horizontal market, the new printing industry includes printing on textile, ceramics, glass, cans and wood, etc. can compensate the loss in traditional printing market.

In the vertical market, OEMs are facing transition to digitalization for long-term development. Digitalization is driven by security, mobility, cloud services and even blockchain technologies. Lexmark has already invested around US$2.5 billion to 12 software companies on document management, and profiting US$700 million each year.

In new segments of growing, 3D printing technology will impact almost every industry. HP is investing massively into this area.

Giusti also advises OEMs to grab new developing opportunities in the printing market through acquiring start-ups specialized in vertical market.

He said, “If OEMs are suffering from finding new ways to develop in the future, above-mentioned technologies have huge market potential for them to explore.”

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