Thousands Fed Up

Thousands of buyers white paper RemaxWorld expo rtmworldThousands of meals have been served to hungry people during Thanksgiving week in the USA.

Madison-based, Parts Now, provided 4,592 meals for those in need during holiday season, thanks to the support of their customers.

The well-known printer parts provider initiated the charitable program through their Parts Now website. For each online order of more than $400 placed during the Thanksgiving week, Parts Now donated 5% of the total order amount to the Feeding America charity.

The result proved to be more successful, providing more than 4,000 meals to feed the hungry, than what was originally expected.

Parts Now CEO Mike Cox was really excited with the results. He cheered, “Parts Now customers are the best! We called on them to help make this happen and they certainly came through, I was delighted to present a check that will truly make a difference to so many.”

“We encouraged everyone to share the holiday spirit and make sure there’s food on every table, if not with our promotion then with some donation to your local food pantry,” added Cox.



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