Xerox Acquired 1,215 US patents in 2012

Xerox announced a total of 1,215 US patents acquired in 2012 including patents awarded to Xerox and its subsidiaries, ranking it in the world top ten.

Xerox says that around $1.5 billion is invested annually in research, development and engineering and the company has owned over 60,000 patents worldwide since 1930. Many of the Xerox’s recently granted patents are intended for the IT services sector.

Sophie Vandebroek, Chief Technology Officer at Xerox and President of the Xerox Innovation Group, said that patents are a significant step in their innovation investment, yet the staff behind the patents remains more significant as they turn these inventions into helpful solutions for clients.

She also commented that Xerox is striving to advance their document technology and simplifying complex business processes via proper application of their patents.

The company continues to shift its focus away from printing to its services business, which its CEO holds is paying off.

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