Delivering Cartridges Just in Time

A Just-in-Time (JiT) toner delivery solution is being developed in the USA to help save users money, while providing suppliers with a much needed loyalty program.

Photizo Group is developing an automated solution with managed print software (MPS) provider PrintFleet.

Both companies have noted that toner cartridges are returned, on average, with 15% wasted residual toner on average. Annually almost one extra cartridge is delivered per device due to inefficient toner management. Besides, users spend an extra $20 per device annually from associated toner waste and unnecessary shipping costs.

The JiT toner solution will integrate PrintFleet’s supply chain automation technology with Photizo Group’s predictive engine, and adopt advanced predictive data analytics. The solution will reduce wasted toner and shipping costs for imaging service providers.

Based on IBM’s Predictive Maintenance and Quality (PMQ) technology, the solution will deliver excellent predictive analytic data analysis capabilities with proven expertise and quality. Photizo Group has utilized this technology with a unique ASL license,

“In combining vital imaging consulting skill and industry knowledge with IBM PMQ technology, and PrintFleet imaging solutions, we expect to capitalize on optimization opportunity in the industry, radically changing the current managed services landscape with smarter solutions, such as automated JiT toner delivery,” stated Scott Hornbuckle, Photizo Group Practice Director for Predictive Analytics.

Chris McFarlane, President & CEO, PrintFleet, explained, “As the industry moves toward increasingly automated operating environments, data and predictive analytics will be essential to facilitating this transformation. Data has always been the focal point of PrintFleet solutions and predictive analytics is the natural next-step to better utilize the data and device metrics available to us in order to drive efficiencies and automation throughout the imaging industry. We look forward to working with Photizo on the JiT Toner solution which will undoubtedly offer our customers and partners at every level of the supply chain additional value and material cost savings.”


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