More Inkjet to Be Used in the Office

Despite laser printers have a dominating role in the office, inkjet devices can grab more shares with better marketing executions.

According to report from Info Trends, it is estimated that 73% of print devices in the office worldwide in 2011 were laser-based, while only 27% are based on inkjet. Office users are in favor of laser because of the convention in -inkjet are designed for family users while laser suits business users.

However, new innovations are changing the scenario. Ink technology, for example, have seen a newly released Page-Wide array technology, which is supposed to have the competitive printing speed and quality as laser technology.

Info Trends say inkjet printers have a bright future, but better execution need to be done. Vendors will need to ensure their product development efforts and subsequent sales and marketing execution, resonate with business customers around the world.

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