New Partnership to Target Profitable MPS Agreements

The Minneapolis-based Katun Corporation (Katun), will partner up with Compass Sales Solutions (Compass).

Katun is a supplier for aftermarket imaging supplies, including photoreceptors, fuser rollers, parts and other products and services for printers, copiers and MFPs. Compass is a sales opportunity software provider. Katun expects the partnership with Compass’ new MPS division will help its dealers assess, propose, and close profitable MPS agreements.

Katun’s dealer base will be injected with additional value-add and the company will be able to set an industry standard on how critical MPS business should be sold and managed. As a cloud based tool, the Katun MPS Profit Calculator will provide users with every aspect of the MPS selling process and help collect data from customers’ current environment, perform assessments, and propose a professional MPS proposal.

Ben Bounds, Director of Business Development for Compass Sales Solutions, stated, “Adding the MPS Profit Calculator, powered by Compass, will give Katun a tool that our industry has been missing for a decade. No longer will it take days or weeks to conduct a printer assessment. Now, with the help of Katun and Compass, dealers will be able to do this within minutes and bring even greater value to their clients.”



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