Stop The Ink-Sanity?

The unreasonable price of ink has become a hot issue in recent times. As has the pending New Jersey ink bill, which require toner and ink cartridges manufactures to list the cost to print per 1,000 pages.

Cartridge World has been very supportive of this bill and even come up with a “Stop the Ink-Sanity” campaign to “shed light on the printer manufacturers’ (OEMs) pricing tactics”.

The franchising tycoon is using this campaign to raise awareness “about the overly expensive ink and toner cartridges sold through office supply and big box stores – and the hidden cost of printers”.

According to Cartridge World, the pending New Jersey legislation will make it unlawful for HP, Lexmark and all other printer manufacturers to sell a printer without indicating the average cost per 1,000 printed pages. Plus, page yield information must be disclosed on all new printer ink cartridges. The bill was previously passed out of the assembly committee and is currently awaiting hearing on the full assembly floor in the next few weeks.

Cartridge World’s Greg Carafello claims, “The 200,000 small businesses in New Jersey, easily pay $3,000 per year in printer cartridges, and homeowners can spend $50 or more per year. That adds up to $1billion in New Jersey alone! In a year, the cost for ink can be 5 times the amount of the printer.”

Carafello suggests the printers most office superstores sold are cheap but consume ink very fast. He recommends consumers to buy at Cartridge World stores, which, he claims, “will help small businesses save $1,000 to $1,500 per year”. Carafello added “This could save New Jersey’s business owners $200 million or more every year!”

William Swanson, North American CEO of Cartridge World, said, “We will gladly show businesses how to identify printers that use high-yield printer cartridges that match their actual printing needs. In addition to buying the right printer, people need to know there are alternatives to buying full-priced printer cartridges.”

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