Static Control Responds to Allegations

In December, Static Control responded to allegations of an unauthorized substance being in a limited number of cartridges based on an article in the German publication Digital Imaging.

Static Control investigated internally and sent cartridges and components used for remanufacturing cartridges to LGA, a third-party, independent laboratory based in Germany for immediate testing. The investigation revealed the majority of Static Control cartridges and components complied with all applicable environmental regulations but a small number of cartridges contained a fire-retardant chemical that is restricted by RoHS.

LGA also discovered that some of the Static Control cartridge models previously alleged in the original article to contain the chemical were actually found to comply with the regulations, contradicting the report supplied. The inconsistent test results further fueled Static Control’s desire to investigate this issue thoroughly. The issue relates to using recycled plastics. The chemical is specifically used to aid the use of recycled plastics.

Static Control began an audit of all plastics in our product line, both for cartridges and components to ensure either new plastics were used or the recycled product was free of the flame-retardant chemical.

The company also tested offerings from a broad selection of the industry with both cartridges and components, including some of our competitors. The fire-retardant chemical was found in the vast majority of the industry samples tested and in all of the competitor cartridges and components submitted to our laboratory. These results indicate that the fire retardant’s s presence is endemic in the industry and affects compatible cartridges, remanufactured cartridges and components.

Static Control have discussed the implications of the testing with ETIRA and fully expect to provide more information in the coming weeks.

Since the December announcement, Static Control’s European cartridge offering has been free of the fire retardant- chemical. The company claims that all the components and cartridges sold at this time in Europe comply with RoHS and REACH requirements as always.

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