Speed Infotech Enters Copier Market

One Chinese-based company has taken just one year to develop a “refurbished” copier machine. Swift by nature and Speed by name, the company has 18 years’ experience in remanufactured inkjet and toner cartridges.

Speed Infotech Holdings Limited (“Speed Infotech”) which was established in 2001, has set up a new company called ‘United Bright’ to focus on refurbished copiers. Having experience in remanufacturing and recycling inkjet and toner cartridges for all popular makes and models of printers has provided the company with a technological advantage to enter the hardware market.

The R&D team at Speed Infotech spent one year to develop the remanufactured copier and demand for the copiers has seen one production line established. The company has now released more than ten remanufactured Ricoh models into the market and carry the industry leading quality standard. Management thank the loyalty of their inkjet and toner cartridge customers for their success in launching their new copier business.

According to Speed Infotech, United Bright’s refurbished copier is equivalent to OEM products with less than 70% of the cost of a new one.

“A refurbished copier is good for the environment and is the reason we chose to remanufacture these hardware devices,” Benjamin Yang, General Manager of Speed Infotech told RT Media, “Our company focuses on overseas markets. While we have plants in China, our sales and marketing operations are throughout Europe. As most are now aware, the European market has become much stricter with environmental standards. We want to protect our planet and make the planet green. It’s core to our mission,” he explained.

In the future, United Bright will expand to three to four production lines which will enable the company to remanufacture more brands and series. “Our vision is to become a premium copier remanufacturer around the world,” Benjamin Yang added.

Speed Infotech and United Bright will also attend the 3rd Imaging Solution India Expo 2018 on Nov 15 to 17.

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