Zhono Releases Compatible Maintenance Box Chips for Epson 5290 Series

Zhono Releases Compatible Maintenance Box Chips for Epson 5290 Series

Zhono has recently unveiled a line of compatible maintenance box chips designed specifically for the Epson 5290 series. Rigorously tested through more than 30 quality assessments, each chip boasts superior performance and can be tailored to meet individual preferences in terms of appearance.


A spokesperson from Zhono stated, “Our latest release caters to the resetting needs of both OEM chips and Zhono-compatible chips, offering a versatile solution for users.”

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About the Printer:

The Epson 5290 series printers, introduced by Epson, are A4 inkjet printers meticulously crafted for desktop office environments. Originally launched in 2018, these inkjet printers have gained international availability across various countries and regions. Key models within this series include the Epson WF-C5210/5290/C5710/C5790/C579R/C529R (color) and Epson WF-M5299/M5799 (monochrome).

Previously, Zhono released compatible chips are for the Ricoh IM C2510 series. Zhono claimed the new release was a first-to-market solution, which was said to be easy to install as it comes with the same size as the OEM chip.\

About Zhono

Zhono is a premier international high-tech company focused on integrated circuit design and committed to becoming the world’s leading supplier chip solutions.
Headquartered in the Guangzhou High-Tech Development Zone, with R&D centers in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Xi’an, Zhono has a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United States directing sales, distribution and marketing activities throughout North America.
Zhono develops and manufactures printing consumable chips, microcontrollers (MCU)  that are widely used in office equipment, smart hardware, and the Internet of Things devices. Zhono is highly regarded by thousands of customers worldwide. Founded in 2013, Zhono has built an extraordinary R&D team, with a complete production and supply process and a global distribution and sales network. Zhono holds numerous significant patents and has passed ISO 9001, GB/T29490, as well as other system certifications to offer the highest standards in the industry.



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