Sensient Launches Latest Digital Sublimation Ink Set Xennia® Emerald PC

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Sensient® Launches Latest Digital Sublimation Ink set to revolutionize the

Industrial Sublimation Printing Market

Sensient Imaging Technologies, a division of Sensient Technologies Corporation, announced today the introduction of a new range of high performance digital pigment inks, Xennia® Emerald PC, suitable for direct printing of textiles. Based on innovative dispersion and binder technology, Xennia Emerald PC changes the game for printers by offering excellent color strength with unrivalled printing performance.

Sensient was the first company to release a digital pigment ink for textiles, and today has applied all the learnings from the market to provide a solution to take digital pigment printing to the next level. With the introduction of Xennia Emerald PC, Sensient once again sets the standard. Designed to maximize printing performance in production environments, Emerald PC inks also offer the peak in color performance with an optimized ink set to provide an extended gamut.

Emerald PC inks deliver minimized pre and post processing by including a revolutionary binder technology within the ink, eliminating the need to use a post application fixing polymer.

“Key to the performance of Emerald PC is including a binder within the ink whilst increasing color strength at the same time as maximizing open time and latency”, commented Dr. Ian Whitehead, Innovation Director for Sensient Inks. “Sensient’s highly skilled innovation team have delivered a solution for the market without having to compromise in any aspect of printing” adds Jerome Jeanneret, General Manager for Sensient’s Ink business. “A further key advantage of Xennia Emerald PC inks is their cross compatibility with printhead technologies, allowing proofing and production with the same ink set providing ultimate flexibility for users with multiple systems.”

The digital pigment inks developed under the Xennia Emerald platform are designed and manufactured in Morges, Switzerland, and have been formulated for use in Piezo-based printers for applications such as fashion, home textiles and sports. Successfully printed on a range of digital printers, the developed inks show exceptional print and color performance.



Sensient Imaging Technologies is a business unit of Sensient Technologies Corporation, a leading global manufacturer and marketer of colors, flavors and fragrances. Sensient Imaging Technologies is a leading supplier of inkjet inks for digital textile, industrial digital and sublimation printing.

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